Hello! I am an 18 year old software developer from the Seattle, Washington area. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Washington Bothell Campus studying Computer Science & Software Engineering. I am skilled in many of the basic knowledge areas in CSS, with experience using C++, Java, Python, Go, and other languages. On my own time, I have focused on studying web development, learning HTML/CSS, LESS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and other assorted web technologies. I have a passion for creating cool functional software that helps improve the lives of real people. My focus is on a broad view of software and how it affects people, not just the code. I enjoy finding innovative and creative solutions to the customer's unique demands for each project. I am a proponent of open source software; you can find any programs that I created on my GitHub.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games and hanging out with friends. I help run a somewhat regular videogame podcast. I also have a great interest in Japanese culture and language. Last summer, I completed an intensive language program at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan as part of a Study Abroad program. I was able to keep up in the fast pace class, while improving upon my reading and oral language abilities. I am now able to read more complex Japanese media such as business newspapers for research, and communicate well with Japanese speakers. To further improve my language abilities, I plan to return for another program at Keio University later this year. I am very interested in opportunities to work for an international company in the computer science field.

I am currently looking for internship positions over the summer of 2015 for my CSS capstone. If you would like to contact me, please email me at, or contact me on any of my social media accounts listed.


Berry Sign Systems

Berry Sign Systems site screenshot Berry Sign Systems site screenshot

Developed a wordpress site for a local sign business encorporating HTML5, LESS, Javascript, and PHP. The site was designed to meet the needs of the end user and the business owner; allowing administrators to easily edit or update the website, and allowing users to quickly find out more about the business. This site includes sortable galleries with full screen views that were implemented using the next gen gallery plugin set for Wordpress. It is fully responsive; displaying properly on devices of any page width. Since the site has gone live in March 2014 it has had a great positive response from clients of Berry Signs.

Happy Thai

Happy Thai website screenshot Happy Thai site screenshot

Designed and developed a website for a restaurant using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript including an interactive gallery and menu. The site is simple while incredibly functional for the end user seeking more about the restaurant.

Happy Thai Online Ordering System

Happy Thai Online Order site screenshot

Implemented an online ordering system for a restaurant using the OpenCart system. Used existing plugins, and created custom plugins to tailor to the business's needs.

Pixel Perfect Podcast

Pixel Perfect Screenshot

Developed a fully responsive Wordpress site for a podcast that I co-host. Site was done on a short schedule, made to fit the needs of the podcast and not go beyond. Provides viewers an easy way to listen to podcast, subscribe to the iTunes feed, or search the archives. Wordpress allows editors to easily add content, and adds flexibility for different types of posts in the future.

The Nerd Gamers

The Nerd Gamers Screenshot

Developed a Wordpress site for a non-profit that I organized and used to raise money for various charities by streaming games. This site was used to post write ups for videos and events, and as a main hub for the community.